Free WHO Online Courses with Certificates 2024

Free WHO Online Courses with Certificates. Expand your healthcare knowledge with free online courses from the World Health Organization. Earn printable certificates and enhance your expertise in 2024.

Are you a healthcare professional or student interested in expanding your health knowledge? The World Health Organization (WHO) offers a fantastic range of free online courses culminating in official certificates. These courses provide invaluable insights into critical health topics.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into WHO online courses with free certificates, their benefits, and how to enrol for your chosen course in 2024.

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About WHO Online Courses With Free Certificates

The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed OpenWHO, a groundbreaking online learning platform providing free, open-access courses covering crucial health topics. Key details include:

  • Host Organisation: World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Online Platform: OpenWHO (
  • Duration: Self-paced, flexible completion
  • Languages: Offered in 80+ languages

Benefits of Completing a WHO Online Course

  • Official WHO Certificate: Earn a printed digital certificate with your name.
  • Global Recognition: WHO is a highly respected worldwide health authority.
  • Downloadable Course Videos: Access and learn offline.
  • Worldwide Accessibility: Learn from anywhere with internet access.

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Who Can Take WHO Online Courses?

Good news! WHO online courses have an open-door policy:

  • Everyone is Eligible: No prior experience is required
  • Passion and Collaboration: Ideal for passionate, team-oriented learners.
  • No Academic Restrictions: All education levels are welcome.
  • No Nationality Restrictions: Truly global learning

Certificate Requirements

To earn your Record of Achievement certificate, you’ll need to achieve a minimum of 80% of the maximum points across all graded assignments.

How to Enroll in a WHO Online Courses

  1. Visit the World Health Organization Courses Page:
  2. Choose Your Course: Select a course and click “Enroll.”
  3. Login/Create Account: Login if you have an account or create one (
  4. Follow Email Instructions: Complete the required steps sent by WHO.


WHO online courses are an extraordinary opportunity to gain valuable health knowledge and a recognized certificate in 2024. Whether you want to advance your career, broaden your understanding of key health issues, or support your community, WHO and OpenWHO provide the tools for success.

Don’t miss out – explore their course offerings and start learning today!

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